Are you are a graduate student, university professor, researcher or other professional who has to write reports?  

  • Is your English language not fluent?
  • Is your writing not of the highest quality?
  • Are you having difficulty writing your thesis?
  • Do you have difficulty writing a research paper or report?
  • Do journal reviewers ask you to have your manuscript corrected?
  • Do you want to concentrate on research instead of correcting manuscripts?
  • Do reviewers sometimes misunderstand what you wrote?

If you face these difficulties, an editor will set you free!

what the editor can do

The Editor offers editing of various types of documents for professionals in different fields.

The document types include but are not limited to reports, proposals, research papers and graduate theses.

This is done conveniently by email.


Full courses are available for academic writing, scientific writing, and English language for professionals in medical and health sciences.

Short training modules are available to fill other specific needs of professionals.

Training is conducted live on location.



The Editor guides you step by step as you write your research paper or thesis. This is the most effective way to learn academic writing.

The Editor also offers consultation during planning of research, interpreting the results or writing the research document.

Guidance and consultation are done by email.


The Editor guides you in selecting a journal and ensures that your manuscript, figures and references are according to the target journal's style. The Editor also helps you to write the cover letter and to submit your manuscript.

When you receive the comments of the reviewers, The Editor discusses with you how to respond to the comments and corrects your revisions. After your manuscript is accepted, The Editor checks the proof of the paper.

All this is done in comfort via email.


Are you applying for a research grant and think that I can contribute to your research?

Get in touch with me and we can discuss the possibility. If we agree to collaborate, all the editorial support will be included.