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  • Examines integrity of the manuscript as a whole
  • Ensures that content is complete and coherent
  • Optimizes writing style and construction of graphs
  • Applies the highest academic standards
  • Correcting language is just the simple stuff 


  • 14 years experience as editor at Ghent University
  • Edited hundreds of research papers and reviews
  • Edited book chapters, proposals, strategic plans
  • Clients in over 10 countries on 4 continents
  • Senior editor with Libyan Journal of medicine

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Writing for Science

This course is for graduate students and professionals in the basic and applies life and health sciences. It covers the structure, contents and development of the various sections, writing style, construction of graphs, and formatting of references. It also includes several English language  lessons on expressions and grammar most commonly used  in science writing.

English for Science

This course is is for graduate students and professionals in the life and health sciences. It aims to enhance their ability to use English language in their field by focusing on aspects of English language most commonly encountered in their professional setting. The goal is to write core accurately and clearly.

Writing for Professions

This course is intended for professionals working in administration or other fields in companies, government institutions and other establishments, and for graduate students who will work in such places. The course covers professional communications from the writing of emails and memos to reports and plans.  

Skills for Professions

This course is for graduate students and professionals in various fields who want to learn how to use Excel for simple statistics and to make graphs and presentations of a high professional standard without having to learn many things they will never use. It also trains them how to write the three types of CVs.


Prof. Claude Libert Senior Researcher, VIB Inflammation Research Center & Ghent University

I consider Dr. Amin Bredan as a true top-class editor. He is fast, precise, creative, well organized and has the talent to hit the spot."

Prof. Omran Bakoush, MD PhD Associate Professor, Department of Nephrology, Lund University, Sweden

Dr. Bredan's editing is not just a matter of improving English language. Once you receive Dr. Bradan's first edited version, you will often go back to adjust and refine your interpretation and discussion to obtain a better logical fit to the data. I feel as if I am discussing the manuscript with a member of the research team.

Prof. Em. Frans Van Roy Former Director, VIB Inflammation Research Center and Ghent University

As a senior researcher in molecular cell biology and former scientific director of a large department active in biomedical molecular research, have frequently challenged Dr. Amin Bredan with last-minute editing jobs. He never failed, even in 'difficult' texts, be it topic-wise or language-wise, and I have always appreciated the added value of his corrections, suggestions and comments.

Dr. Hani Benamer, FRCP, PhD Consultant neurologist, The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and honorary clinical Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham

Dr. Bredan edited my recent published book "Neurological Disorders in the Arab World." Apart from his strong skills in editing the English language, he has an outstanding ability to give insightful critical scientific comments on the contents of the manuscript. That adds significant value to his work that is lacking in other editors.

Prof. Geert Berx VIB Inflammation Center & Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Amin Bredan has edited many research manuscripts in the life science field for us that were often highly technical, as well as reviews and book chapters that were written for a more general audience. In each instance, I have been thoroughly impressed by his attention to detail, his efficiency, and his overall editorial expertise.



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