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Writing the literature review

This is a 45 minute lecture that explains the purpose and procedure for writing the literature review, how to plan for it, what to include and exclude, and how to develop a plan for doing this.

Writing the abstract

How do you compress 100 pages in one page? Through mini-lectures, text analysis and exercise, the participant understands how to filter out all but the essential, and how to focus on what is important and not be distracted.

The Art of Scientific Writing

This is the full course, and it covers everything. It goes step by step through the sections of the thesis or research paper, providing a deep understanding of what information to include and what to exclude, how to arrange and organize the information, and how to present it. With lectures, examples, required reading, guided text analysis and exercises, the participants gain the knowledge and skill to critically analyze their own writing and to improve it. 

The course covers all the details, but it also goes beyond that by enabling the participants to understand not only It goes beyond explaining what should be done and how to do it into a deeper understand of why things are done this way.

Writing Modules

Skills Modules