General description

“COURSES” is where you see brief descriptions of the courses. 

“STUDENT DASHBOARD” is where you login to the course. Once you login, you can see the courses in which you are registered, your progress, grades and certificates.

The COURSES page lists all the courses along with brief descriptions. You can see the details of any course by clicking its button.

Paying for and enrolling in a course

Once you select a course, you pay for it in advance by buying a voucher containing a code number. Vouchers are available at the address shown on the map. 

If you do not live in Tripoli, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Enrolling in a course

Select COURSES from the menu and then select the course in which you want to enroll.
Click Enroll.

Enter you email address twice. Do NOT copy the first entry and paste it. If you made a mistake, you will paste it and get locked out.

Enter a password twice, also without copy-pasting. Then enter your real first and last names. Those are names that will be on the certificate of completion of the course.

In the top right box, hit “Click here to enter your code.” 

Enter the code number on the voucher you bought and click “APPLY COUPON.”

You will be taken immediately to your course.

Returning to the course any time

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Go to “STUDENT DASHBOARD” in the menu.

Login with your email and password. You can then go to your course or select which one you want to go to if you enrolled in more than one course.

If you forget your password, click “Lost your password?” then enter your email. You will receive an email with a link that enables you to enter a new password.

If you have a technical problem fill out the form below


Use this form ONLY to report technical issues, such as inability to register, login, start the course, continue with it, download material, view videos, take quizzes etc.

For any other problems, use the form on the home page.

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